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It’s time to think differently. For decades, organizations have used tired phrases like, “Our employees are our most important asset,” which makes people sound like a commodity and makes the relationship sound transactional. It doesn't have to be that way. Some organizations spend large amounts of money on morale, satisfaction, and engagement as if those are things that can be bought. All of those great motives and efforts won't necessarily correlate with an appreciable increase in morale, satisfaction, and engagement... let alone the bottom line. In fact, those great motives and effort can produce a culture of entitlement.

Open Door crafts solutions designed to create and enhance a culture of ownership. That means we look for the business case behind everything we do. We tailor everything to fit our clients’ culture, and engage people in meaningful change using intrinsic rewards that really do satisfy… from the inside out. And we help organizations maximize the return on their most important investment - their people.

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